Secret Network Upgrade: v1.7.0-rc.1 (Testnet)

Secret Network offers scalable permissionless smart contracts with a private by default design— bringing novel use cases to blockchain not feasible on public systems. Secret Network enables users to take back ownership over their private (financial) information and for them to share this information with whom they trust.

Upgrading from v1.6.0-rc.2

Check what database type you're currently using:

awk -F \" '/^db_backend =/{print $2}' ~/.secretd/config/config.toml

Uncomment and download the right binary based on your database type:

# Stop the v1.6.0 node
sudo systemctl stop secret-node

# Get & verify secretd v1.7.0

## goleveldb
# wget ""
# echo "9df53dd2d8957fef831a1b0bcdb61c2d502716656049b857d708551633ac5af2 secretnetwork_1.7.0-rc.1_testnet_goleveldb_amd64.deb" | sha256sum --check

## rocksdb
# wget ""
# echo "5110e2276c9ef787ee08fc363cfdc3d05bfec448921c9bea8c236f35499a5c20 secretnetwork_1.7.0-rc.1_testnet_rocksdb_amd64.deb" | sha256sum --check

# Install 1.7.0 binaries
sudo apt install -y ./secretnetwork_1.7.0-rc.1_testnet_*_amd64.deb

# Restart the node
sudo systemctl restart secret-node

Breaking secret.js

Tx key format has changed, requiring an update of secret.js.
The fixed versions are:
1.7.1-beta.1 (Recommended)
1.4.6 (For those who have to use 1.4)
0.17.8 - Can still be used

What's Changed

  • Fixed OSX Ledger Disconnection Issues
  • Fixed an issue when sending multiple message types in the same tx
  • Fixed /cosmos/base/node/v1beta1/config
  • Added expedited gov proposals
  • Added the ability to rotate consensus seed during a network upgrade
  • Added a feature for auto-restake of staking rewards

For more details visit Secret network Github repo

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