Shiba Inu Now Trading On Bittrex

Shiba Inu Now Trading On Bittrex

It was interesting to see that Shiba Inu, which started out as a funny rival to Dogecoin, another meme coin, was slowly losing its reputation as just a funny cryptocurrency. In the case of DOGE, being linked to Elon Musk helped the digital asset rise from having a low value to becoming useful again. Due to the many projects that are already in the works, we may see a similar but bigger boom in the SHIB ecosystem.

NOWPayments has made the latest change to SHIB to make it easier to use. The popular payment gateway added Shiba Inu to its platform, so users can now exchange fiat currency for SHIB tokens without going through a third party. This made SHIB a lot more useful for its owners and traders.

The Shiba Inu team is also getting ready for the Metaverse. David was added to the SHIB team as the SHIBKer. He used to work for Sony as the Principal Technical Artist at Zipper Interactive. The team will make the most of Kern's skills in graphic design, video production, 3D modeling, animation, level building, and production management for games on multiple platforms.

At the same time, the team and the SHIB developer, Shytoshi Kusumar, announced that the stablecoin Shi would be coming out soon. Shi will act as a common stablecoin within the ecosystem. It will counter and balance payments without being affected by market volatility. But that wasn't the only new coin that users got to use.

In an earlier blog post, Shytoshi wrote about making a reward token called TREAT for users. But the network didn't want to flood the ecosystem with yet another token that didn't do anything, so it didn't move quickly. It's possible that there will only be a limited amount of TREAT, and it won't just be used for Shibarium and layer-2 solutions. Instead, it will be used in the Metaverse.

Shiba Inu is getting a lot of changes, so it would be interesting to see how the new crypto asset bridges the gap between hype and use. It won't be able to go from a meme currency to a cryptocurrency until it's more useful.

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