10 Best Cosmos Staking Platforms (ATOM)

10 Best Cosmos Staking Platforms (ATOM)
Cosmos Staking

One of the best ways of earning passively in the crypto economy is by staking your crypto assets. Depending on the network, and the staking platform, you're rewarded with a certain percentage interest on your initial deposit when you lock up your cryptocurrencies for staking.

We have written down 10 best Cosmos staking platforms ATOM tokens. Together with our lists, we have given our verdict, and a link to signup with the listed platform.

What is Staking?

Staking involves locking up your crypto assets for a given time in order to validate and confirm transactions on a blockchain, and you're rewarded with a certain percentage interests on your initial deposits. Staking activities can only be carried out by PoS networks on the blockchains like Cosmos, Cardano and Solana. Unlike PoW networks like Bitcoin that utilizes mining activities to secure and validate transactions on a network.

Most platforms do not only offer staking services as a way of earning passive income, but other features are also available which includes; saving your assets for a given time, lending your crypto assets to borrowers for a given time. Every crypto platform has their unique reward for their various passive earning feature.

10 Best Staking Platforms for Cosmos (ATOM)?

The Cosmos (ATOM) network is an ecosystem of blockchains that can scale and interoperate. It aims to create an Internet of Blockchains (IoB) that helps blockchains to maintain sovereignty, interact with other blockchains in the ecosystem, and rapidly process transactions. ATOM is the native cryptocurrency for the Cosmos network and it is used for governance and to secure the network. Below is a list of 10 best staking platforms for ATOM tokens.

1. Binance Cosmos Staking

Binance officially launched ATOM staking on the 5th of December, 2019, at the rate of 24.79% APY. Currently, you can earn up to 35.86% APY on your ATOM holdings. ATOM rewards are calculated daily and are distributed monthly. Distributions are completed before the 20th of every month. You must have at least 0.5 ATOM to qualify for staking rewards.

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Stake Cosmos with Binance and earn up to 35.86% APY on your hodlings.

Stake ATOM

Staking Verdict

Binance still tops the list as one of the best staking platforms available, and with Cosmos, its rewards are one of the highest on our list. Navigating their staking services is beginner friendly, with adequate customer support. Users have both the flexible and the fixed staking options to choose from, which is one unique edge Binance has over other staking platforms like Coinbase and Huobi.

2. OKX

OKX officially launched ATOM staking on the 22nd of October, 2019  at the rate of 36.91% APY promo price. Currently, you earn up to 9.54% APY on your holdings. The minimum requirement for staking ATOM tokens is 10 ATOM and tokens are due for redemption at 21 days intervals.

OKX ATOM staking rate: 9.54% APY


Stake Cosmos with OKX and earn up to 9.54% APY on your Cosmos holdings.

Stake ATOM

Unlike staking Cardano and DOT on this platform, which offers both flexible and fixed staking duration, ATOM has just one staking product. However, the reviews on OKX shows that the platform has greatly improved, compared to what we noticed weeks ago. Navigating their staking services is intuitive, optimum security, and great customer service.

3. Kucoin

Kucoin launched Cosmos staking on the 4th of July, 2019. Currently, you earn up to 15.27% APR when you stake ATOM with Kucoin Exchange. Users can withdraw their ATOM assets at any time without terminating the staking service and will receive returns when the amount of ATOM revenue is above 0.000001. To participate in this staking service, you must agree with their terms of services.

Coin APR Tenor Type
ATOM 15.27% 14 days Promotions
Cosmos 10.20% 7 days Promotions
7.33% Flexible Staking
6.43% Flexible Promotions
1% Flexible Savings


Stake Cosmos with Kucoin and earn up to 15.27% APY in your Cosmos hodlings.

Stake ATOM

Staking Verdict

Kucoin offers similar staking services with Binance, having a mixture of fixed and flexible staking product, however, Binance appears to be more competitive. Although, Kucoin has received poor ratings on major review platforms like Investopedia and Trust Pilot with issues ranging from inability to make withdrawals to poor customer support service.

4. Huobi

Huobi launched ATOM staking on the 4th of July 2019 offering both staking and delegation services. Currently, you earn 15% on your holdings when you stake with this platform. You'll need 0.0410 ATOM tokens to qualify for staking with 100 ATOM estimated earnings per day.

ATOM staking rate for Huobi: 15.00% APY


Stake your Cosmos token and earn up to 15% APY on your holdings.

Stake ATOM

Staking Verdict

Huobi has distinguished itself for the first time on our staking list by offering this huge staking rewards. One phenomenal factor with Huobi staking is its intuitive interface for navigating their staking services. Although, they've received mixed ratings across major review platforms, being between both extremes. It's security is up-to-date with a number of services available on the platform.

5. Kraken Cosmos Staking

Kraken enables Stakers to vote on upgrades to the Cosmos network. Each vote is proportional to the amount of ATOM being staked. By delegating their tokens to stakers, they allocate votes to other users in order to earn interest from ATOM rewards. So users earn between 12-15% APY when they stake ATOM tokens with Kraken.

Kraken ATOM staking rate: 12-15%


Stake Cosmos and earn up to 15% APY on your hodlings.

Stake ATOM

Staking Verdict

Kraken still remains one of the leading staking platforms according to Forbes ratings. Although, navigating their staking services does require an intermediate level of trading experience, but they've got an excellent customer support service. However, if you are a US citizen then their staking services is not accessible to U.S. residents therefore Kraken cosmos staking may not be the ideal platform for U.S. citizens.

6. Youhodler

You could earn over 8% APR together with compounding interest when you stake ATOM tokens with this platform. You're paid out on a weekly basis, and you can use savings funds as collateral for lending products. Youhodler combines features including; ATOM savings, Multi HODL and Turbocharge so that your overall interests are compounded.

ATOM staking rate for Youhodler: 8% APR


Stake Cosmos tokens with Youhodler and earn up to 8% APY on your hodlings.

Stake ATOM

Staking Verdict

YouHodler is well suited for cryptocurrency holders. The platform is intuitive and it has a great customer support service. Based on the list we've collated for staking ATOM tokens, it's on the average, however, this platform is specifically for a long term staking goal.

7. Crypto.com

DeFi Earn is the feature on crypto.com that supports Cosmos staking. You earn between 7% - 10% p.a. by staking ATOM tokens via DeFi earn. This feature is available on the crypto.com app version 1.6.0 or above. This platform also supports displaying your staking assets delegated to other Validators via other non-custodial wallets.

ATOM staking rate for Crypto.com: 5% p.a.


Stake your Cosmos tokens and earn up to 5% APY on your hodlings.

Stake ATOM

Staking Verdict

Crypto.com has got great reviews across major review platforms. Navigating their staking services is quite intuitive, you only need to ensure you have the updated version of the app as staking via desktop devices seems more complicated. However, they're rewards for Cosmos is not competitive compared to other platforms.

8. Coinbase Cosmos Staking

Staking ATOM with Coinbase requires a minimum deposit of 1 ATOM with a transaction fee of 5% which is taken from your rewards. Coinbase notifies users that they can not manually re-stake rewards if their pending rewards are less than 50 ATOM. Also, note that you can un-stake your assets, but cannot change the amount of staked assets. You can only add funds to your staked asset by first un-staking.  You earn 5% APY when you stake with Coinbase.

Coinbase ATOM staking rate: 5% APY


Stake Cosmos tokens with Coinbase Exchange and earn up to 5% APY on your hodlings.

Staking Verdict

Coinbase remains one of the leading staking platforms basically because of its management and infrastructure and not really its reward offerings. Staking ATOM with Coinbase does not seem to be as competitive as what we've collated on this list.

9. CoinDCX

To generate annual earnings with CoinDCX, the minimum deposit requirement is 15,546.73 ATOM tokens. You earn 2.5% annual interest on your deposits with the minimum earning duration being 7 days, with access to withdraw anytime. Each user must register on CoinDCX and fulfill the KYC requirements before they can access rewards on this platform.

ATOM staking rate for Crypto.com: 2.5%


Stake Cosmos with CoinDCX and earn up to 2.5% APY on your hodlings.

Stake ATOM

Staking Verdict

This platform has one of the least competitive offers we have on our list. Overall, on both basis of site infrastructure and the APY offerings, it seems other platforms on our list may be given more attention. However, CoinDCX still remains a worthy platform to stake your ATOM tokens.

10. Bybit

Bybit adopts a feature called Liquid Staking which enables ATOM stakers to earn staking rewards while utilizing their ATOM tokens for other earning opportunities. This platform combines Interchain security and liquid staking to provide a foundation for interchain utility. Interchain Security allows chains on Cosmos to reuse the same validator set and staked collateral of an existing chain in order to secure their network. You earn 2.20% APY when you stake your ATOM tokens with this platform, and the staking duration is flexible, giving you access to withdraw anytime.

ATOM staking rate for Crypto.com: 2.20 %


Stake your Cosmos token with Bybit and earn up to 2.20% APY on your holdings.

Stake ATOM

Staking Verdict

Bybit has scored averagely on major review platforms, however, more improvement needs to be made on its interface. Together with CoinDCX, their rewards offerings appear to be less attractive. Although, the site still remains a good place to stake ATOM tokens.

Final Verdict

As we've always pointed out in all of our works on staking platforms, there're certain factors to consider when choosing where to stake your crypto assets. Factors like transaction fees, staking products, platforms infrastructure, and their reward offerings. Based on a combination of these factors, we consider Binance the best place to stake your ATOM tokens. Binance does not charge any transaction fee on staking assets, the platform is convenient for staking by all standards, offers the highest APRs on our list, and has a combination of both fixed and flexible staking durations. So investors have access to a wide range of staking benefits with Binance.

Kindly stay updated with our work as we add more platforms to this list, together with any needed improvements or adjustments from the already listed platforms. Remember, as we always bring to notice, rewards are based on the performance of the crypto market and the network itself.

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