Top 10 Polygon Validators - May 2023

Top 10 Polygon Validators - May 2023
Top 10 Polygon Validators - May 2023

The rapid growth of Polygon (MATIC) has increasingly highlighted the important role of validators in ensuring the network's security and reliability. If you're looking for the best Polygon staking validator to stake your Polygon tokens, we've got you covered. In this article, we have rounded up the top 10 Polygon validators for May 2023, so you can decide where to delegate your tokens.

Polygon Validator Node

Validators are the fuel that makes the Proof-of-Stake mechanism run securely. You can learn how to stake Polygon with validators or become a validator on the network to make additional earnings.

A Polygon validator node helps secure the network and earn rewards for their work. To become a Polygon validator, an individual or organization must hold a certain amount of the network's native token, MATIC, and run a node with specialized software to validate transactions.

How to Select Validator to Stake Polygon?

Several important factors must be considered when picking a validator on the Polygon network. Here are four key criteria to check:

  1. Uptime (Checkpoint): Validators who maintain high uptime are consistently online and processing transactions. It's important to note that everyone has their bad day, and unexpected problems can occur. So you may want to check other factors to have an overall view.
  2. Commission: Validators charge a fee for their services. It is crucial to compare the fees charged by different validators and ensure they are reasonable and competitive.
  3. Performance: Performance is another critical factor to consider. Look for validators with low downtime, high uptime, and fast transaction processing times.
  4. Credibility: Check the validator's track record, uptime, and community engagement to ensure they are reliable and trustworthy. The number of delegators also reflects the validator's credibility.

Warning: Polygon Validators selected in this post are only relevant for the time of writing as the state of validators can change at any point in time. The below-selected validators are based on personal opinion factors, and you should always do your due diligence. Highly recommend everyone constantly monitor staking rewards.

Top 10 Polygon Validators

The Polygon validators are chosen based on performance index, commission, and rewards. The current annual yield on staking Polygon is around 6%, minus a validator's fees.

Based on the previous factors, here are the top 10 Polygon validators for May 2023.

Best Polygon Validators - May 2023

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Is Polygon Worth Staking?

With Zk-rollup technology emerging as a promising crypto trend this year, the Polygon team is working hard to provide the best solutions for its community. As a result, staking on Polygon is becoming increasingly worthwhile.

In March 2023, Polygon Labs rolled out Polygon zkEVM beta, enabling users and developers to experience and build products on this layer-2 scaling solution. By the end of April 2023, Polygon introduced Polygon Bridge powered by zero-knowledge (zk) technology.

As an established player in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, Polygon has positioned itself as a leader in providing innovative solutions for scaling and improving the efficiency of blockchain transactions.

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