Top 10 The Graph Validators - June 2023

Top 10 The Graph Validators - June 2023
Top 10 The Graph Validators - June 2023

New to The Graph staking and unsure how to pick the right validators? This article will be your guide. Check out top 10 The Graph validators for June 2023 and learn helpful tips to stake Graph tokens with validators.

The Graph Staking & Validator (Indexers)

With The Graph staking, the spotlight is primarily on indexers (validators) and delegators. Indexers actively operate a Graph Node while delegators delegate their GRT tokens to these indexers, contributing to the network's security.

There are multiple ways to stake GRT tokens - staking GRT on the centralized exchanges, joining the staking pools, or staking with validators. Without biases, it's evident that the most beneficial and safest option is to stake GRT directly with indexers.

Staking The Graph (GRT) with indexers offers a powerful opportunity for participants to contribute to the decentralized data indexing protocol. By delegating their tokens, individuals not only generates passive income but also encourages active participation and commitment.

Looking to stake The Graph? It's incredibly easy! If you're curious about how to get started, our comprehensive guide on staking The Graph with validators is here to assist you every step of the way. Start earning rewards today!

Stake GRT
Stake GRT

How to Choose a Validator for Staking The Graph (GRT)

Here are 5 tips to consider when choosing a validator for staking The Graph (GRT):

  • Performance: Evaluate the validator's track record and reputation within The Graph community. Look for validators with a consistent history of reliable performance, low downtime, and a good reputation for fulfilling their obligations.
  • Commission rates and rewards: Compare the commission rates and rewards offered by different validators. While lower commission rates may seem attractive, it's essential to strike a balance between fees and the quality of service provided. Look for validators who offer competitive rewards and fair commission rates.
  • Community engagement: Consider validators who actively engage with The Graph community. Community-oriented validators often demonstrate a commitment to the long-term success and growth of The Graph.
  • Transparency and communication: Choose validators who maintain transparent operations and provide regular updates to their delegators. Effective communication is vital for a trusting relationship between validators and delegators.

One major headache of staking The Graph and other ERC-20 tokens is Ethereum's gas fee. We suggest regularly checking out gas fees and delegating GRT tokens at a low-demand time to overcome this obstacle.

Weekends are highly recommended, but it's important to note that the information is only relevant at the time of writing. You can monitor the network's activity and choose periods of lower congestion with Ethereum Gas Tracker.

Top 10 The Graph Validators (Indexers) - June 2023

Delegators can earn up to 11% APR when delegating their GRT tokens to the indexers. The Graph has its own staking calculator, so estimating your rewards is simple. You can navigate The Graph Explorer to calculate The Graph staking rewards.

Let's take a look at our top 10 Graph indexers for June 2023:

Best 10 The Graph Validators - June 2023
Best 10 The Graph Validators - June 2023

Metrics Explained:

  • Estimated APR: The percentage of interest a delegator will receive after staking in one year.
  • Stake owned: The amount of GRT tokens that the indexer has deposited. Note that the stake owned may be slashed for malicious or incorrect behavior.
  • Delegated: The amount of GRT tokens staked by delegators. Delegated GRT can be allocated but slash-resistant.
  • Indexing reward cut:  The percentage of indexing rewards that the validator will keep based on the amount of GRT staked. Delegators will get the remainder.
  • Query fee cut: The percentage of query fee rebates that the Indexer keeps when splitting with Delegators.

The Graph Updates: What is New?

Multiple collaborations have been formed, remarkably, with major chains such as Celo, Gnosis, Avalanche, Arbitrum One, Polygon, and Fantom. Those provide developers with a robust and reliable infrastructure powered by independent Indexers worldwide.

Achievements over the past years have demonstrated the commitment of core dev teams and ecosystem contributors to enhance The Graph's quality of service, cost efficiency, and developer experience.

In October 2022, The Graph announced the decentralized data initiative as part of its roadmap to expand access to its decentralized infrastructure and improve network functionality.

According to The Graph's blog post published on June 7, the next important milestone is the deployment of core smart contracts on Arbitrum One, along with the implementation of L2 transfer tools, enabling participants to use The Graph on Arbitrum while benefiting from indexing rewards. This scaling solution improves the network's efficiency and expands its capacity as participation grows.

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