Top 10 Near Protocol Validators - June 2023

Top 10 Near Protocol Validators - June 2023
Top 10 Near Validators - June 2023

If you struggle to choose a Near Protocol validator, you've come to the right place. This article provides valuable tips to help you make the right decision. Additionally, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Near validators for June 2023.

Near Staking & Validators

Near Protocol ($NEAR) stands out by taking a realistic approach rather than striving to differentiate itself from Ethereum, a prominent Layer-1 blockchain. Near focuses on addressing challenges related to scalability and accessibility while offering low fees and minimizing energy consumption.

One noteworthy aspect of Near Protocol is its token supply dynamics. Annually, the total supply of $NEAR undergoes a 5% increase. 90% of the newly minted tokens are distributed among validators, ensuring their active participation and engagement in the network.

Staking is an essential aspect of the Near Protocol network that allows users to participate in the consensus process and earn rewards. Individuals can become validators or delegate their tokens to available validators by staking their Near tokens.

Validators play a crucial role in maintaining the security and integrity of the Near network. They are responsible for validating transactions, creating new blocks, and ensuring the overall stability of the blockchain. Validators are selected based on criteria such as their reputation, performance, and the size of their stake

Near offers a decentralized network of validators, allowing users to choose from diverse options. These validators operate independently, and their performance directly impacts the network's efficiency and security.

Not the insights you're looking for? Navigate the project's documentation to learn more about Near Staking and Delegation.

How to Choose a Near Validator

When selecting a Near validator, there are several factors to consider:

  • Reputation and track record: Look for validators with a proven reliability and integrity track record. Research their history, experience, and any community feedback or reviews available.
  • Performance and uptime: Validators need to consistently maintain a high uptime to ensure the smooth functioning of the network. Check their performance metrics, uptime history, and any reported incidents.
  • Security measures: Validators should have robust security measures in place to protect against potential attacks or malicious activities. Look for validators that prioritize security and follow best practices.
  • Communication and transparency: Validators maintaining open and transparent communication channels provide better visibility into their operations. They should respond to user queries and provide regular activity updates.
  • Community engagement: Consider validators that actively contribute to the Near community and ecosystem. Look for validators who support education, development, and initiatives that strengthen the network.
  • Commission fees and rewards: Validators may charge fees for their services, so evaluating their fee structure is important. Additionally, consider the rewards offered to stakers. Balance the potential rewards with other factors like reputation and security.
  • Network participation: Assess validators' involvement in the network. Validators actively participating in consensus and governance processes demonstrate their commitment to the network's growth and improvement.

Top 10 Near Validators - June 2023

Here are the top 10 Near Protocol validators for Jun 2023:

10 Best Near Protocol Validators June 2023
10 Best Near Protocol Validators June 2023

Metrics explained:

  • Fee: A charge that delegators pay their validator for the service.
  • Delegators: Individuals who assign their tokens to validators in the Near network.
  • Stake: The number or amount of tokens participants lock in a blockchain network.
  • Cumulative stake: The available combined stake of multiple participants or validators in a network.

Note: Our list excludes top validators with a cumulative stake above 33%. Delegating to the validators will affect the decentralization of the network. All chosen validators have an uptime range between 99.5% - 100%.

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