Tapbit Exchange Review

Tapbit Exchange Review
Tapbit Review

Tapbit is reliable cryptocurrency service platform that was founded in 2021. Like other common crypto exchanges, Tapbit exchange offers mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT, and USDC for investor.


Binance exchange changed their brand name to Tapbit.

Tapbit Exchange

Tapbit offers a very safe level of security to her investors with its advanced aggregation technology and banking-grade SSL encryption.

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Tapbit Pros:

  • Security: Separation of Hot and Cold Wallets, Multi-Signature Wallet
  • User experience: 7/24 Hour Customer Service, Millisecond Trading
  • Full Compensation for User Losses Caused By Platform Accidents
  • Awesome Mobile App trading.

Tapbit Cons:

  • Not an established player, quite new to the space compared to Binance, Coinbase & Kucoin exchanges.
  • Poor Transparency rating as there are no historical rating.


Tapbit helps global investors trade popular crypto assets like BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT, and USDC in a safe and stable way. The US federal government has awarded the platform an MSB fiat currency business license, and an MTL financial license was also given to it by 10 states in the US.

The platform is backed by a 20 Million USDT insurance fund to protect all investor assets.

Tapbit's technology is the best in its field. It has the most advanced aggregation technology, with fault tolerance and very fast processing systems that can solve all technical and transactional issues. With banking-grade SSL encryption, multiple signatures, and Hot & Cold wallets separation technologies, all user assets can be kept safe.

Tapbit is one of the safest and most reliable cryptocurrency service platforms on the market right now. Investors from all over the world can use it and benefit from it without worrying about the risks that come with the space. This is made possible by the use of cutting-edge technologies and pioneering algorithms.

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Products offered by Tapbit:

Spot: The step-by-step use of, ultra-low transaction fee rates. Spot product offers users on demand sophisticated makers with high quality trading depths solutions. Over 100 high cryptocurrencies to use and trade with.

Derivatives Trading: With a reasonable pricing Tapbit offers one click solutions for users to take profit and stop loss, long and short two-way positions. For a peace of mind, Tapbit got you covered with 20 million USD advance compensation fund.

NFT: No NFT project has been launched by the exchange as of the time of this writing. Though the platform shows clearly that there'd be an NFT marketplace, the project still remains a mission yet to be accomplished.

Exchange features

The four main Core features offered by Tapbit:

OneStop Trading Solution - Tapbit gives you the ability to trade anywhere with it being available both on mobile and desktop.
Bullet-proof Security - Digital assets with a 20 Million USDT insurance fund so investor's assets are covered in the worst case scenario.

The Ultimate User Experience - offering 24/7 customer support

Regulatory Licences - Tapbit has successfully gained licences from different jurisdictions. Including, EMI from FCA, the USA's MSBs & FinCEN.

Tapbit supports over 50+ Crypto Pairs with millisecond-level trading experience; trading crypto derivatives with up to 100x leverage; earn functions.

Mainstream crypto assets covered by Tapbit exchange

Tapbit covers all the popular crypto currencies for trading with BTC/USDT pair being their m market trading liquidity crypto with 324 million. Tapbit offers more than 140+ cryptocurrencies for users to buy, sell, and trade with a stable trading service.

KuCoin offers over 600 cryptocurrencies for users to buy, sell, and trade. Those looking for a wide selection of assets may appreciate what this exchange provides. Some of the cryptocurrencies that are currently available on Tapbit are;

# Currency Pair Volume
1 Bitcoin BTC/USDT $490,037,719
2 Ethereum ETH/USDT $157,789,126
3 OKC Token OKT/USDT $4,742,023
4 Ethereum ETH/USDC $25,841,508
5 Bitcoin BTC/USDC $27,975,530

Tapbit fees summary

One thing i like about Tapbit is their fee structure and of-course, Deposit to the exchange is free. Compared to other exchanges, Tapbit fees are quite reasonable. For BTC they charge a fixed withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BTC with a minimum of 0.001 BTC.

Below table shows popular digital assets fees in Tapbit for withdrawal.

Maker Orders Taker Orders
Definition Orders that enter the order book and fill up the liquidity inside the order book before execution. Orders that execute immediately by taking liquidity out from the order book.
Trading Fees on Spot 0.1% 0.1%
Trading Fees on Derivatives 0.02% 0.06%

How to transfer Crypto from wallets to Tapbit?


Tapbit is relatively young cryptocurrency exchange with it only being launched in 2021. However, they have come a long way and still have some ambitious plans for the future. they have recently crossed the daily trading volume which exceeds 3 Billion USDT. With regulatory Licences and good enough security guarantees i believe Tapbit will be around for the long term.

Common Questions about Tapbit

Is Tapbit a legitimate crypto exchange?

Tapbit exchange has licences from different jurisdictions in order to operate. Including, EMI from FCA, the USA's MSBs & FinCEN.

Is Tapbit a safe exchange?

With the banking-grade SSL encryption, multiple signatures, as well, Hot & Cold wallets separation technologies can strictly protect the security of all user assets. However, like we always say nothing is 100% safe.

Can I use Tapbit in the USA?

Yes, Tapbit is licencesed exchange operator in the US.

What is Tapbit Earn?

Tapbit earn is an event for registered users where they can earn high APYs on their investments.

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